About us

We started our company in 2001 in Sibu, Sarawak. Our goal was simple: to give great distribution services to our community. Our focus on our customers has stayed the same.

To become the leading distributor of quality products in the region, recognized for operational excellence, innovation, and superior customer service.

To distribute a diverse range of quality consumer goods with a commitment to operational excellence.

1.Customer Focus: We prioritize our customers' needs at every opportunity.
2.Reliability: We deliver on our promises, providing consistent, dependable service that our customers can count on.
3.Efficiency: We seek to optimize our operations, ensuring fast, accurate deliveries every time.
5.Teamwork: We foster a collaborative and respectful work environment where every team member's contribution is valued.
6.Respect: We treat everyone – our customers, partners, and employees – with the utmost respect and dignity.
7.Growth: We believe in continuous learning and development, always striving to improve and expand our services.
8.Community: We aim to make a positive impact on the communities where we operate, contributing to their economic and social wellbeing.